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To become a preferred partner and global provider of affordable and reliable services with the best technical team in the Oil and Gas industry.


To serve by paternering with both local & international entities or as a single company to provide affordable industrial services in Netherlands & Europe.


We take pride in our operational excellence and extensive experience in the shipping industry and have constantly invested in effifiency

Logistics Services

Tank Farm Storage

Adriatic Tanker Limited is globally operating a wide variety of liquid fuel and all petroleum products storage facilities and logistics services

Ship Leasing

Adriatic Tanker Limited operates worldwide contracts for leasing proper vessels to meet customers' requirements. See more in our fleet

Oil Spillage Cleaning

Adriatic Tanker Limited is completely environmentally friendly and helps to protect the entire environment from the hazardous effects of an oil spill.

Petroleum Shipping

Crude oil transportation is the backbone of our business at Adriatic Tanker Limited. With other allies globally, trust and expect the best.


Customer Focus , Trust and Openness

Adriatic Tanker Limited is a well-known Netherlands oil storage company, which main purpose is for storage of Petroleum Products, transportation and other petrochemical services within Netherlands & Europe’s linkable terminals, fuel pipelines transportation, tanker to vessel transportation.

We are highly qualified in what we do as an organization with a vision to be number one, our customer satisfaction is our priority, and we guarantee 100% commitment and delivery, we are also in the acquisition, oil sales and shipping of high technology, oil and gas tools / parts and heavy engineering. You can count on us to make this a hassle free experience for you.


At the terminals operated by Adriatic Tanker Limited, a wide variety of liquid bulk products are stored. Those products are classified in four groups: oil products, chemicals and LPG, bio-fuels and vegetable oils, and LNG. We also offer additional handling services at our terminals.










Our Terminal

Adriatic Tanker tank farm facilities subleasing at Rotterdam, Netherland and complies with the international standard directive, which means an extended safety management system audited annually by the local authorities. We elected to have a valuable system for all tanks storage capacities.



Adriatic Tanker tank farm is a world class 1.177 million cubic meters onshore oil storage facility based in the rapidly developing port of Fujairah, which is located in the United Arab Emirates outside the Straits of Hormuz on the Indian Ocean.

We provides unsurpassed storage, transfer and distribution services. The Port of Houston is a cooperative entity consisting of both the port authority, which operates the major terminals along the Houston Ship Channel, and more than 150 private companies. Houston terminal is easily accessible for sea-going tankers, barges.





Ground Handling

Investment Projects

ITP - Into-Plane Fuelling

Every 15 seconds of the day or night, somewhere in the world, we are fuelling an aircraft.

Adriatic Tanker is an expert in providing safe and efficient into-plane fuelling services at some of the largest and smallest airports around the world. The company owns a fleet of about 550 fuelling vehicles. Fuelling is carried out either with a tank truck or via a hydrant system using a dispenser.

Adriatic Tanker’s into-plane service covers all types of aircraft fuelling activity:

Long-haul, short-haul and general aviation

Cargo and passenger airlines

Fuelling with static hydrant carts, hydrant dispensers or refueller trucks up to 85 m³ capacity

Storage & Hydrant Management

Apart from into-plane fuelling, Adriatic Tanker operates airport fuel storage & hydrant systems that are owned by oil companies, airlines, airports or Adriatic Tanker itself. The company currently manages jet-fuel facilities at 67 airports worldwide.

These include large storage & hydrant systems at international airports such as Munich, Delhi, Brussels and also smaller regional airports like Durban.

Ground Handling

Our focused teams deliver fast and efficient services for aircraft upon arrival, ensuring prompt and effective turnarounds for aircraft.

We deliver the highest standards for airline customers and are able to react and plan to when flights go off schedule, ensuring teams are in place to handle aircraft at any time.

We are also able to offer a suite of wider services to support our customers, ranging from aircraft de-icing and fuelling to interior cleaning and crew uniform cleaning.

We take care of passengers at the terminal, overseeing check in and ensuring your customers are greeted with friendly, highly trained staff that are well prepared to handle their needs.

Investment Projects

Adriatic Tanker is not only an operator of jet-fuel storage & hydrant systems. We will also invest to provide airports with aviation fuel facilities that meet all the latest international standards.

Adriatic Tanker finances, builds and operates airport storage and hydrant systems on a build, own, operate (BOO) or a build, own, operate, transfer (BOOT) basis. Examples include Bangalore, India, and Stuttgart, Germany.

Our financial commitment means airports, airlines or oil companies can concentrate their investment capital in their core business and outsource this essential part of the supply chain to aviation fuelling experts.