Cargo flows, containers and general cargo that reach Europe by maritime logistics mostly arrive via the major European ports Rotterdam and Antwerp. For many customers, these two main ports represent the “Gateway to Europe”.

Adriatic Tanker logistics (VAT issues)

Adriatic Tanker has developed huge skills and competence in maritime logistics, customs clearance services and on-transportation by truck, barge, rail, feeder vessel. We handle the warehousing, inventory management, storage(bonded or customs cleared), information management, transportation of these cargo flows to the final destination in the Hinterland.

Our services and competencies in the European Gateway logistics are f.e.:

  • Order processing
  • Warehousing / storage / handling of the cargo
  • Customs coordination / customs clearance
  • Fiscal representation for VAT
  • Release of cargo at container terminals
  • Dispatch of import containers and import cargo
  • On-carriage and distribution services by road, rail, barge and combined traffic modalities
  • Information management and materials flow management
  • Supply Chain control, visibility and reliability
  • Key Performance Indicator management

Fiscal Representation for VAT issues:

The European VAT-system is rather complicated.

Logistics Services

Adriatic Tanker has specialized services are concentrated in the area of  import and export, located throughout the world demanded business trade and logistics distribution industry. These services are designed to support and promote the international trade business of crude oil and petroleum / petrochemical products worldwide, in compliance with all rules and formalities required by law.

 They operate mainly function and offering land, air and sea freight services at a very competitive transit time; as well as, buyer, wholesaler, agent or representative of international and domestic companies; always carry out the logistic distribution, trade needs, serving and compliance with supply, process control, maintaining a high level of confidentiality, integrity and responsibility with its clients.

 We focus on all dimensions of the company and individuals inside and outside the country, demanding logistic solutions to manage any type of product should be, is an advanced multi-modal logistics and procurement services company, our official with over 10 years experience in international trade and logistics enterprises; It specializes in providing a complete circuit solutions for Supply Management on the network, air and ocean freight services through our Mac and interest IISP certificates to / from anywhere in the world, special cargo projects and focus on providing the best procurement of services in all areas, both domestic and international.

Train & truck loading

The new facility will further Adriatic Tanker ambition to cover all modes of transport and is a response to growing customer demand for rail transport.

It will be used initially to load and unload block trains with biodiesel to and from Germany, Austria and Italy. Driven by growing customer demand for rail transport, throughput is expected to rise quickly, from around two trains a week at the start to one train a day.

The facility can also be modified in future to handle other oil products such as aviation fuels, gasoline, diesel and edible oils. In the medium term, throughput could increase to two trains a day.

Ship/ship discharge

We offer the jetty for ship to ship discharge for the following products:

  • Mineral Products classes 1, 2, 3 and 4

  • Liquids who belong to the ADNR classes 3, 6.1, 8 and 9

  • Edible oils and fats

  • Not under ADNR classified liquids

The discharge needs to be done using certified hoses that are suitable for the products that are being discharged. The ship/agent will be responsible for supplying the hoses and for the connecting and disconnecting of the hoses.

The VOTOB jetty condities apply.

Value Added Logistics

Adriatic Tanker is the market leader in Value Added Logistics for Classified and Non Classified products in Western Europe.  Adriatic Tanker operates 23 high performing filling lines in  Antwerp, Ghent and Rotterdam. With these sophisticated filling lines the company can fill drums, IBC’s and smaller packages as from 1 Liter.

Adriatic Tanker  offers various value added logistic services at our locations:

  • Small bottles (1-5 Liter) filling
  •  200 Liter drum / 60 Liter drum filling
  •  1.000 Liter IBC filling
  • bagging operations
  • mobile drumming services
  • processing, blending and toll manufacturing


Within the transportation of the products we offer the following cargo insurance policies:

  • Railway transportation cargo insurance;
  • Road transportation cargo insurance;
  • Marine transportation cargo insurance.


Importers and exporters are exposed to countless financial risks when they do not insure their international shipments. Sometimes recovering losses from carriers is difficult and time consuming. The best way to protect your financial interest is with All risks insurance coverage. All Risks insurance relieves of financial exposure from physical loss or damage to goods while in transit, since carriers have limited liability. Insure your goods and avoid the uncertainty of loss recovery from carriers.


The Hague Rules and COGSA (Carriage of Goods by Sea Act) was developed to protect vessel owners against legal liability to shippers for circumstances out of owners control. COGSA limits vessel owners liabilities to USD 500 per shipping unit. It also relieves all their liability to shippers in 17 situations known as the Hague/COGSA Defenses. This means shippers have no legal recourse against vessel owners when their goods are lost or damaged by these 17 causes.


All Risks insurance protects the shipper against physical loss or damage to their cargo from external causes, subject to policy terms and conditions. It is not necessary to prove the carriers liability.


Adriatic Tanker has developed  huge skills and competence in international seeds logistics and agro chemical logistics.  Adriatic Tanker manages complete seeds supply chains from origin to destination, taking following key important requirements into consideration:

• Transport route evaluation & definition (preferred, backup routes, fast lanes)
• International and regional transport hubs
• Ports and terminals
• Partner selection or contract partner integration

DGLA International Network

Adriatic Tanker Terminals is a member of the DGLA (Dangerous Goods Logistics Alliance) international network.

DGLA is a global network alliance that is dedicated to dangerous goods cargo logistics. The involved audit assessments ensure that only companies with a sophisticated setup, trained employees and potentially related assets do have the possibility to join this network. Based on the current members and the setup, it is a kind of “elite of chemical logistics specialists” with a special focus on international transport solutions.

The Dangerous Goods Logistics Alliance requires the highest standards in all aspects of business and sets strict criteria regarding financial security, professionalism, quality, and experience. The DGLA members are required to adhere to a strict Code of Business ethics which require high operational standards and conduct to their customers within the industry.

All members within the DGLA have dedicated, certified, and Dangerous Goods educated employees fully conversant in the special handling of DGR movements. These dedicated staff provide professional and secure service for all type classes of hazardous materials in todays environment.

Services include UN approved or certified packaging and repackaging, 24/7 on call availability, secure premises, and total compliance with local and international DGR required movement and storage regulations. In addition, several partners provide special facilities for the transport of hazardous biological substances and bio-chemicals.

In fact, our DGLA partners can provide services for any DG Items deemed to be of grave significant risk to health, safety, property, or the environment.

The members have special knowledge and experienced relationships within the transport industry ensuring a reliable and trouble free service in guaranteeing time-definite procedures.

In most countries the members arrange priority freight service with adjacent document cut-off times with the carriers in which to provide extended booking windows with a solid carrier-recovery commitment in controlled environments.

The DGLA members can provide a full range of services including dedicated resources, whether for air or for ocean movement, expert industry-compliant packing, and all temperature-controlled environments to meet passive temperature needs. Other services such as environmentally controlled containers with active shipment monitoring are readily available throughout the alliance network.

Whether door-to-door, next-flight-out, part, full charter, or ocean IMDG Code movements, a Dangerous Goods Logistics Alliance member can assist you.

World-wide agency network

Based on the DGLA network, supported by an already long existing world-wide network of reliable agents,

 Adriatic Tanker Terminals is able to offer its customers a true global logistic network with great expertise and reliability.