Adriatic Tanker, which operates across Europe, consists of about 6,000 specialized trucks, 2 company-owned terminals, and 14 joint venture terminals.

Along with group enterprises, upstream and downstream industries, Europe’s marine fleets provide services.

We own and operate the first completely automated gantry in Europe, which enables us to guarantee consistent, hygienic, secure, safe, efficient, and dependable operations in line with our objectives.

Our incident and accident rate is exceptionally low, and our highly trained staff members are the most professional available. One of our ongoing efforts to maintain our position as the European market leader is the recent implementation of industry-standard fleet management systems across all of our businesses in Europe, such as Onboard Computer Systems (OBCS).

 We plan the delivery of oil and gas from extraction locations to significant consumption hubs. To carry freight as quickly, economically, and organically as is possible under the best safety conditions, we select and use the safest vessels.

Using A Maritime Transport System of the Highest Quality
To transport 130 million metric tons of crude oil and petroleum products in 2021, we contracted more than 2,800 boats. A fleet of roughly 48 time-chartered ships is always kept on call. For all of the ships we operate, especially those in our fleet, we adhere to one of the strictest selection criteria in the oil sector.

Our screening procedure specifically evaluates the equipment condition, ship maintenance, crew quality, and operating procedures on board to make sure that each vessel exceeds our requirements.

Modern technological marvels, the ice-class LNG tankers, can reliably and often transport substantial amounts of Arctic LNG to consumer centers. This new way allows us to carry cargo between Sabetta and Asia in half the time it would take via the route via Europe and the Suez Canal in the summer. This is made possible by the fact that when using the Northern Sea Route across the Bering Strait, icebreakers are not required.

Adriatic Tanker is a leading company in the area of tanker shipping, holding its own fleet and extensive know-how in the area of hydrocarbon logistics and storage. 

Adriatic Tanker owns and operates a medium range and large Oil Tanker fleet, built and managed according to the highest standards of quality, reliability and safety. And specialised in marine transport of crude oil and oil products, Adriatic Tanker provides the logistical support and shipping expertise to satisfy our clients’ oil transportation needs.

Chartering and Vesse wherever you go, Adriatic Tanker is the freight forwarding company with the local know-how and global resources to guide your shipments through the customs clearance process and send them on their way to their final destination.

We have a great sense of responsibility to do business according to the following: marine oil transportation activities must be handled with respect for the environment. We require a high level of expertise and team organization for every task, as this ensures quality and safety in transportation, and efficiency and transparency in business relations. We consider the personal skills when selecting employees and dealing with contractors. Stressing the importance of responsibility, we make it a priority to work with mutual respect for individual roles.

Adriatic Tanker, is among one of the largest bulk transhipment logistics service provider, we specialize in the vessel shipping of bulk goods for the benefit of various services, we do this 24/7 with highly skilled and enthusiastic employees and with care for people. We use complex networks of onshore terminals, and pipelines. These bulk transotation logistical facilities take crude oil from ships, storing and delivering it to the refinery/end user destination at the right time and similarly, they store and blend refined product to create the exact specifications required.